Root Bionic / Razr with Ice Cream Sandwich from OSX

Dan Rosenberg (@djrbliss), a security researcher, recently published an exploit for Motorola RAZR devices running Ice Cream Sandwich which allows you to gain root access.

Ice Cream Sandwich is about to be released for the Motorola Bionic, and fortunately Dan’s vulnerability exploit works for the Bionic also.
Unfortunately, it only run on MS Windows, so I modified his script into a bash script for running in Linux / OSX, which you can download, here.

You need to download Dan’s code first and unzip it, and then download this into the same directory.
The script requires to you have the android-sdk installed locally so you can get the adb binary. Dan packages that up in his code for Windows but I don’t have it available for download here. Once you have it, make sure the path to the adb binary is correct in

Once those steps are complete, just run: bash and it should just work!

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