It’s almost 3am, and I’m back in California.

And I can’t sleep.

And I found out my car has a flat tire.

And life sux. Sigh.

My first oil change

Taking this time off work to bond with the new baby has also given me a little time to spend doing the things I enjoy, and things that need to get done around the house.

Today I changed the oil filter on the car, and interesting experience to be sure.

For anyone else with a Chevrolet Blazer S-10, your oil filter might be reported to be under the left side of the engine. If you can’t find it, take a look at the front right corner under the hood. If you see a metal block with the words “HOT” engraved on top, your oil filter is attached right under that block. After you unscrew it, keep it upright or the oil will spill all over the place 🙂

Major surgery, part 1

About two weeks ago, the alternator on our car died. Replacing this was a minor task, completed in about an hour. A week later the fuel pump also died, requiring major surgery to repair.

The operation took two days of working in near-freezing temperatures. My brother-in-law Jaime came by to do the work, with me assisting, as you can see here. That’s me in the blue jeans.
After two very cold, very tiring days, the car started on our first attempt. A job well done I think. In the process, Brandy bought me a whole bunch of cool new tools to play with, here and here.

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