Best burger ever

The following transpired at a Carl’s Jr restaurant a few minutes ago, after I got the urge for a late meal:

Me: Hi, I’d like a Bacon Cheese Six Dollar Burger combo please
Guy: Sure, medium or large? What would you like to drink?
Me: Medium with a coke please.. and can you make that with no mayo?
Guy: Sure. Anything else?

A short pause…

Me: Umm.. can you guys add jalapenos to that?
Guy: Sure.
Me: Great! Umm, how much can you add?
Guy: How much would you like?

A longer, stunned pause…

Guy: How about I put some on top and under the beef… and maybe sneak some in under the cheese too

Wow Carl’s Jr. Wow.

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    kha0z - December 26, 2006

    Nice! I’m not big on jalapenos… but that does sound good.

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