Overbearing governments

As many people are aware, Google was sent a subpeona
by the US Department of Justice last week.
The details of this subpeona are quite public and there are many discussions on the matter already.

I’d like to instead, bring forward the issue of overbearing governments. It is accepted truth that since the start of time, those with power want more power over those with less power. While I don’t think this a very nice thing to do,
it has worked for many thousands of year. It has worked only because the people were willing to keep their elected officials in check. Occassionally this resulted in uprisings, civil wars, revolutions, or good old fashioned declerations of independence.

The problem we face today however, is more serious. Too many people have become complacent. In any western population, the people will agree that politicians are corrupt, but also feel that this is not a big deal.

For shame, people šŸ™ I thought we were better than that.

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