Flying back to LA sucks

After having been here for a week and a half, I don’t want to go back 🙁

I write this from the airport. Thank god I have wireless access here, or I might have gone over the edge.
Joseph had a great birthday. He got a free cake from Safeway to eat / sit in / play with. I got it all on tape and will upload it when I get home 🙂 I just wish I didn’t have to go there at all. I don’t know how kurt and ginger are going to take my request to work remotely. I want to wait until we have at least one more person in Pasadena before I raise the issue.And I’d like to try and get some amazing work under my belt too. Never hurts to suck up a little. We’ll see how it goes in a few months.

It’s gotten really cold in Idaho. It was snowing when we left the house this morning. I bought a wooly hat. If I get my hair tidied up I can probably leave it untied at a managable length. There’s a bigass low pressure zone over LA right now, and a bigass high pressure zone over Seattle. The flight down should be fun. It’s 68F down there, and 37F up here.

Bug’s first birthday

It’s been about a month since my last blog entry. Since then I’ve started working two extra jobs to try and help ends meet. It’s a lot of work, but I don’t mind it too much as we need the money right now.. too many expenses!

I’ve also been looking around for studio apartments in Burbank. Hopefuly I can find something nice near the airport for around $500 a month. That would be pretty nice.

Bug’s first birthday is this Saturday, I’ve taken all my vacation time so I can be here for the next week and a half. I’m concerned he’s forgetting who I am 🙁 I wish I could find some work up here, but it’s really difficult trying to do anything.
Brandy suggested that I work with Josh. Maybe I could do that, with the contract work I could make some money, but probably still much less than I make now, and probably not enough for us to live on. I guess we’ll see what happens 🙁

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