Schindler’s List

I had not watched this movie through from start to end before tonight.
Having just done so, it is leaving me with troubled thoughts.

I cannot believe the world we live in has hardly changed for over 60 years. People are still murdered en masse by self-rightious butchers on a daily basis. The weak and ill still suffer at the hands of evil men, for no reason. Modern day Hilter’s still walk the planet without a care.
We’ve wrapped ourselves up in so much geopolitical bullshit, that removing dictators from power is measured in the body count of dead soldiers, not the body count of liberated people. Teachers teach our children that war is wrong, that we have no right in the affairs of other countries.

Bullshit again. As members of the human race, it is our solemn duty to protect each other from harm. It is not a right to be protected, but a requirement to protect.
If a person is walking through a door behind you, do you not hold the door open for them?
If the same person was being persecuted, why would you not defend them?

I was not the biggest fan of the US-led war in Iraq, but looking at the bigger picture I cannot help but support it. Every soldier who lays down his life, is doing so for the millions of others who now can be free. Every man and woman who leaves behind their family does so to protect the very essence of humanity, for the very essence of our existance.

Few things have moved me as much as the final scenes of Schindler’s List.
Oskar Schindler was a great man. May he and others like him, always be rememebered. And in their memory, may we continue to save the lives of those around us who cannot save themselves.

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